Children Smart Watch


The children's smart watch mobile phone is equipped with cameras, games, music, video recording, video players, microphones, alarm clocks, calculators, calendars, stopwatches, etc. Kids can save and play their favorite music anytime, anywhere, and enjoy music in their leisure time. Set the child's activity range, when the child leaves the set area, the parent's mobile phone will receive an alarm prompt.


  • The sound is louder and can be heard in noisy environments.
  • Unique antenna design, and multiple calibrations to ensure a stable call.
  • Easy group chat, support group chat with multiple mobile phones.
  • Let the children get happiness from the game and grow up in happiness.
  • The color of the whole machine is gorgeous and rich in texture, always letting other children envy it.
  • Accurately record every corner of the child, and fully meet the positioning needs of life and emergencies.