Electronic Acupuncture Massage Pen


It uses the hand-holding pen, the acupuncture pen, and the therapy point as a current loop. The current flows to the side with the smaller resistance, so you need to hold the pen with your whole hand, and then point the pen tip to the therapy point. The device contains nine different power levels which can be used as per the required muscle treatment. The medium-low energy setting for the device is 3 and 4 but if you don't feel any pulsing sensation, you can choose a higher energy level until you get a sensation. 


  • The shell of the acupuncture pen is made of high-quality plastic, not metal.
  • The node point tip stimulates specific acupoints or areas of pain.
  • The laser of the acupuncture pen is red or blue light and will be shipped randomly.
  • The electronic acupuncture pen is lightweight and fits easily in your pocket, bag, or pouch.
  • Use it while traveling or just for a long day at work, where you'll need relief from your pain.
  • Simply press the start button to increase or decrease the strength of the electric pulse.