LCD Writing Tablet


The drawing tablet is suitable for children and adults. Kids can use this drawing board to stimulate their creativity and keep busy, like scribbling, counting or practicing words. Adults can update shopping list, take notes or leave messages on it. Writing tablet is definitely an integral part of your gift list. This LCD writing pad uses keys to delete all characters, just like writing with pencil and paper. 


  • Delete a picture or word with one button.
  • The writing tablet is built with the erase button lock function.
  • This drawing tablet with a protective sleeve is a perfect gift for kids.
  • The electronic drawing tablet is made of high-quality LCD material.
  • Adults can update shopping lists, take notes or leave messages on them.
  • The LCD material relies on the reflection of external light to display the content.
  • The writing and drawing tablet is lightweight and easy to carry without the mess of crayons, markers, or chalk.